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Wedding dresses typically come in white. So do straight jackets.

I am authorized to joke about bridal insanity because:

(1) I planned my wedding. And survived.
(2) I'm a budding psychotherapist. And all that means is that I'm so nutty and hopelessly human that I tend to mesh well with those who are nutty and hopelessly human. 

Planning our wedding kicked my butt, opened my eyes, and dared me to grow a pair of balls. Why? Because wedding planning is the head-on collision between your values and those of your family and your future in-laws. It's about admitting to cold feet. It's overcoming anxiety...about everything. It's questioning whether the bridal magazines you've seen on the racks are telling the truth about beauty. It's working through the frustration with your partner whose relationship with money, it turns out, is much different from yours. It's about all of your insecurities and strained relationships tied up into one big event, and figuring out what the heck to do about it.  It's about compromise and community. It's about the call to stand up for yourself and the humility to let go. It's about looking around and feeling really damn grateful.

Yup, wedding planning is about many, many things - all of which require great courage.

Here at Brave Bride I'm in the business of ball growing (or personal development, if you want to be fancy about it.) I post interviews, short essays, and fun little ramblings each weekday in order to create fertile ground for this growth.

And I welcome input, stories, and questions from YOU, dear reader. Because you rule. Clearly. I mean, you were nice enough to read all the way down to the last sentence, right?

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