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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#2: Our Vision

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How often do you get to throw down a few G 's for an epic party with all of your peeps??? And on a more serious note, how often do you get to design a sacramental ceremony recited in your own spiritual language?

So, you see. My fiance and I want to be very deliberate with our choices regarding our wedding, starting with a very clear vision of how we hope the day will make us (and our loved ones) feel.

Here is a list of our top priorities for the wedding:

  • Reflects our style: casual & fun
  • Spiritual, religious, and highly personalized ceremony officiated by groom's parents (who are both ministers)
  • Boogie-down bonanza, Soul Train style
  • Community-oriented, joyful, and full of "thank you" and "we love you" gestures to our guests (Theme: It takes a village to raise a marriage.)
  • Bonfire/ BBQ-style eats
  • Large guest list (we've got over 80 relatives NOT including children)
  • Indoor & outdoor venue
  • No wedding-related debt after the big day
Oh, and I also want my hair to look fabulous for once. ;)

The great part about creating a vision for our wedding is simply the process of working together as a team on a huge task. It's a microcosm of what's to come in the future of our partnership. It's a magic mirror showing us the themes, topics, and life-long arguments that will likely give us hell throughout our marriage. It's compromise, creativity, kindness, and communication. It's us practicing this whole grown-up thing. Together.

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