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Thursday, June 10, 2010

#20: Offbeat Weddings 101

"Our goal with the wedding was to have a wedding that was our favorite kind of party. And we would get married at the party, but it would be a good party." (Ariel Meadow Stallings, author of Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides)

Yup, our sentiments exactly. I consider myself to be a girl with traditional values and offbeat ways of expressing them, so her approach to wedding planning really appeals to me. One thing I love about Ariel is that she doesn't judge traditional brides for their choices - she simply encourages people to celebrate their wedding in a way that reflects their personal style and values.

Here are more thoughts on what Ariel (genius behind the ever-helpful, fun, supportive, and interactive, thinks about the bridal party, reception, ceremony, wedding stress, and diamond engagement rings:

Here Ariel describes and shows pictures of creative, unique, and highly personalized weddings. She also discusses wedding registries and the *option* of changing your last name:

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