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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#24: Location, location, location

I don't mean to get all "" on you, but your wedding venue truly does set the tone for the day.

I'm not saying this to make couples feel even more pressured to shell out the dough for an expensive room with a fancy chandelier that, if sold, could pay off you and your hubby's student loans. I'm merely encouraging you engaged folk to get your creative juices flowing! Toss the banquet hall out the window (unless you have a sincere liking to them), because your wedding can seriously take place wherever there are walls. Or grass. Or concrete. Or sand. Or roller coasters. (Yes, roller coasters.)

I love when couples have their reception in an unusual place that doesn't typically "do weddings" -  like at a movie theater...
                                      Image: Northrop Photo

...or a bowling alley

 ...or a vintage car gallery

                                          Image from here
...or an amusement park

                                      Image: The Weddzilla

  ...or a ball park (expect to pay a pretty penny for this one)
                                 Image from here

But more than trying to impress guests with a unique venue, consider hosting your wedding at a place that truly reflects who you are as a couple. Because when you're true to yourselves you simply can't go wrong, no matter which of your crazy aunts thinks your venue is strange, or which of your co-workers thinks your venue is tacky. Be brave! Do you. The end.

PS. My favorite wedding venue: BACKYARDS! Awww...

 Seriously, you MUST go see more of this incredible wedding over at Style Me Pretty. Hurry!


  1. agreed! our rule was: no carpeting and no movable walls. i.e. no banquet halls. even now though i wonder how much of our aesthetic would have changed had we selected a different venue.

  2. Hehe. What kind of venue did you end up going with? And when's the big day?


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