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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

#29: Go Vintage Or Go Home: Spotlight on DOLLY COUTURE

If you've got great taste, a tight budget, a love of all things vintage, and impressive dance moves that require a fun, flirty skirt, then I've got the wedding dress designer for you: Dolly Couture.

This company specializes in short 1950's/ 1960's wedding dresses, but they can pretty much make any kind of custom gown that your little heart desires! And at an extremely reasonable price, too.  (Oh, joy!)
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Dolly offers a whole line of designs to choose from, all customizable, starting at just $395. (No, that was not a typo!)  Even the custom designs that Dolly draws and creates based on her brides' ideas are often under $1000. (That was not a typo either.)

I had Dolly create a completely customized floor-length lace gown for me with tons of vintage details like a ruffly bustle. What a wonderful feeling it is to have your creative vision come to life! Worth. Every. Penny.

Here's a fun fact for you: My dress inspired the newest addition to Dolly's collection called the "Avila Bay". Click here to check it out.

The last thing I'll say about Dolly Couture (I have to cut it off somewhere, people), is that they offer THE best customer service around. You can call or e-mail them and expect a prompt response from Nickie Scates, multi-tasker extraordinaire and handler of all things related to your gown. You can even talk to the extremely personable and friendly designer/ founder/ owner Dolly Thicke on her Facebook page! There you can ask questions, chat with her other customers about their gowns, and view tons of "real brides" in their Dolly dresses. In short, working with Dolly Couture is not just about buying a dress; it's a unique experience full of creativity, fun, and support.

I'm sort of a softy so I expect integrity, kindness, and heart from wedding vendors, NOT just quality goods. I assure you that Dolly Couture CARES about us customers. And if there is one thing that brides need as they're getting pressured, judged, and ripped off throughout the wedding planning process, it's to feel cared for.

Bravo, Dolly Couture! You get the Brave Bride stamp of approval.


  1. So Im just NOW getting to read every single post and Im soooo glad i found this one. I ADORED your dress and you got it for a great price (Compared to what you would have paid other places) so YAY for having some clue as to someone would could make a dress thats original that I love :)

  2. Thanks, Holly. :) Yup, I did save quite a bit of dough considering I designed it and had it custom made. Plus, I love telling people that I found my wedding dress where I found my husband - on the Internet!

  3. So I have been looking at Dolly Couture for a long time. And...I just realized (because it's in the FAQs) they make their dresses in Vietnam. Now I know that other designers don't exactly tend to stay in the US for production or anything--I just had this mistaken impression that Dolly Couture was a bit more small-shop.

    Since their prices are right in line with many Etsy dressmakers offering similar styles, I think I'm going to stick with an individual.

  4. Anonymous, go for it! Everyone has different values and priorities when it comes to their wedding gown, and I love when women deliberately make choices that reflect these values.

    Plus I love Etsy. I got my wedding day jewelry and hair accessory on Etsy, and throughout my search I came across many cute 1950's style dresses on there. Good luck!


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