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Monday, June 14, 2010

#22: Videography on the cheap

Remember back when I wrote about the BEST wedding video I have ever seen? You know, the one by the company Aqua Vivus, which that can film your big day so that it's got the feel of a music video, indie film, and documentary all in one? The one that can be recorded and edited in a flash so that highlights of your wedding ceremony can played back at the end of the reception for your guests?

Well. A representative from this company found out that I featured them on my blog and gave me some kick-ass tips on how to create my own video on the cheap. That's right - someone from the wedding industry actually tried to help a $10k bride like me find an affordable alternative to his service! And that, friends, is what I call a small business with heart and integrity.

So here's the note that he sent to me, along with a few of his suggestions:

Hi Kim!
I was just checking my web stats and I came across your blog. Thanks for the amazingly kind words and little feature you did on our work! If you don't have any money for a videographer I can give you a couple suggestions that might help. If a few of your guests have camcorders you can try to strategically seat them so that you can have a few different angles of your ceremony and toasts. Don't forget audio! It is sometimes more important than video footage. You can buy a cheap voice recorder like this one -

and then buy a mic for it like this-

Start recording, slip the recorder in your fiancee's jacket pocket, and clip the mic to his jacket low on his chest.

I know you're pinching pennies, so maybe you could put it in your registry?

At the end of the day at least you'll have some stuff recorded by your guests and you can have it edited somewhere down the road...ask a film student with editing software if they want to take a crack at it.

It's not going to be the work of a professional, but 50 years down the road it will still be a great memento to have.

Best of luck!
Good luck with everything!


  1. that's really helpful! we're not having a videographer but we definitely want to record something for later. thanks!

  2. Glad it helped! This vendor is truly amazing. Hope you have the chance to check out the example video I shared (via the first "pink link" in this post).

  3. Kim, if you want, I'd be willing to give the video a try during the ceremony with Ben's camera if you want. I have NO expereince but I'd do my best

  4. Wow, thanks for the offer, Steph! You're awesome! I was thinking of lending our camcorder to different people throughout the day to split up the work, so I might just take you up on your offer. :)

  5. I asked my future sister in law's fiance and a friend to video. This way I'll have 2 points of view. It'll be interesting.

  6. Poet, that's a good idea. You can edit it and come up with a great little movie of your ceremony.


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