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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

#56: Brave Wedding: Adriana & Josh

Today's Wedding Wisdom Wednesday is brought to you by Adriana. I chose to feature her wedding story this week because there was a single statement in her interview that blew my mind - one that really speaks to the heart of women like me who will be kicking off their own marriage this very weekend. Adriana writes, "I would have to say I am a Brave Bride because through all the circumstances that were standing against me, my wedding still happened." (Simple yet so powerful, yes?)

Despite many of my own personal DIY plans crumbling before my eyes, my wedding will still happen, just like Adriana & Josh's did. Because if they can survive their venue being canceled just 2 weeks before the wedding, or their photographer's camera breaking at the start of the ceremony (which is why there are only 3 photos in this interview), then all of us can survive a string of wedding day disasters. In the end we'll be married. And that's what this whole darn thing is about, anyway, right? Ladies and gentlemen, here she is...the VERY BRAVE Adriana:
Well to start with, my husband didn't want to have a long engagement. We planned our entire wedding long distance (our wedding was in Pensacola, Fl. but we live in Macon, Ga.), so that was an interesting obstacle to work around. Then our venue that we had booked for the reception bailed out just 2 weeks before the wedding. So we had to change our plans from retro hotel courtyard to a community center. 

Josh also wanted to include all of our close friends in the wedding so we had a total of 11 bridesmaids and 11 groomsmen. Josh had to work all the way up to the day before the wedding so I spent 2 weeks in Florida preparing by myself. So basically I was completely burned out the day before the wedding and had a bit of an emotional meltdown as my bridesmaids began to show up, but they were very supportive and helpful through everything. So I would have to say I am a Brave Bride because through all the circumstances that were standing against me, my wedding still happened.

I honestly thought I was going to fall while walking down the isle. So I stressed over that the most and just that something was going to go wrong. You would have thought a meteor was coming straight for me by the look on my face.

The photographer incident was traumatic to say the least. I was in line about to walk out to the pier where everyone was waiting. So, I was literally minutes away from walking down the aisle when my friend who was doing our pictures came up to me and said "my camera broke". I broke out in tears pretty hysterically. Then one of our groomsmen had a camera that she could borrow to shoot the ceremony. So I was able to compose myself and walk down the isle.

But I have yet to see any of the pictures from the ceremony because the groomsmen whose camera we borrowed had a baby on the way and had been unable to get us the pictures successfully. Dealing with that situation is still difficult for me but I have decided that it isn't bad to have a good excuse to get all dolled up and put my dress on again. So coming up soon we will have some very belated wedding pictures! The only thing that bothers me is that the only pictures from the wedding of Josh and I together is when we were cutting the cake. Personally I think I've handled the situation as well as anyone could.

My favorite moment of the day would have to be after everything was over. We met up with a few of our closest friends and family at my mom's house and sat on an air mattress with forks and the left over cake. Josh fell asleep on the couch and it was just great to talk with everyone about the day and different things I may have overlooked.

My biggest challenge was being so far away from Josh leading up to the wedding. We had been together for 2 years and hadn't spent a day apart. So it was really difficult to deal with all of the stress of the wedding while being 6 hours away from him.

The biggest lesson that I learned from my wedding was not to procrastinate. If you have a problem with some people that are helping out with your wedding deal with it when it comes up verses allowing it to grow into something that will stress you out the day before. The fewer problems the day before the easier it will be not to have a complete break down before the wedding.

To other couples: GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO PLAN. PLEASE! Josh was in a hurry and I admit so was I, but if there would have been more time to plan it wouldn't have been so hard on us.

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  1. This awesome. Congrats on your marriage, girl - that's what really matters xx

  2. Oh wow. That photography thing would have sent me into a meltdown.

    Kudos to Adriana and Josh for being so wise about what things matter, at the end of the day. *:)

  3. Cortney, tell me about it. I actually ended up forgetting to give my friend the expensive camcorder (that records in HD!) we bought just to tape the ceremony, which is pretty bad. But no photography? This girl's inner Zen impressed the heck out of me!


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