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Monday, July 19, 2010

#49: I'm featured on APW today! :)

I've got 6 letters for you:


Translation: Oh my gosh, my writing is featured on A Practical Wedding today!! Which is seriously a big deal.

Why? Because A Practical Wedding is a powerhouse phenomenon in the wedding blog world. Its creator and writer, Meg, is at the forefront of a revolution in the bridal community that supports authenticity, mindful spending, and keeping your eye on the big picture as opposed to the color-coordinated this, that and the other. When I saw what A Practical Wedding was doing for the world I wanted to join the march. And thus, Brave Bride was born.

Plus, there's a fabulous community of smart, sassy and stylish (on their own terms) women over there whose contributions to the site have inspired and encouraged me throughout these months of Brave Wedding Planning. They gave me permission to be myself in a wedding culture that demanded I follow strict orders.

So A Practical Wedding is my hero, you see. And I feel honored and humbled to pass on my itty bitty piece of wisdom via APW in the same way that others have done before me.

Now all I have to do is have a dinner party with Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres and Oprah and my life will be complete!


  1. I loved your post and video. Hit me right in the heart today.

  2. Thanks, Meghan! It's so cool to know that people actually understand and connect to all of the crazy stuff in my head. ;) Hope to see you around here again some time.

  3. It didn't surprise me in the slightest lovely one. I'm just sorry you didn't tell me so I could get excited! Instead I just sat and clapped when I saw it.

    I wrote in the comments on APW that you rule so hard, woman. Be proud! Great post!

  4. Moz! I didn't know until yesterday that she was posting it. I would've told you earlier had I known so that we could do a little happy dance. ;)

  5. I promise I totally did one when I saw it! xx

  6. great post on APW, Kim. Congrats!

  7. How exciting Kim! Love the post, and the video is fan-freaking-tastic (I used that song in my skydiving video too :)) -- love the added commentary in the video. So good.

  8. What? Did you just compare me to Michelle Obama? Or something? Maybe I'm drunk and mis-reading this.


    You know your blog looks just like APW did for... forever. It still looks like that in my mind, so I find this post confusing :)

  9. Hey Meg! Ha. Well, you are a woman whose work I greatly admire. Although you're not quite Oprah-caliber I still feel like you do the emotional equivalent of giving away 300 cars. ;)

  10. @ Also Kim - Yay for Tom Petty & skydiving! Great Kims think alike. ;)


Babbling about weddings is so much more fun when people babble back. :)

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