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Thursday, July 15, 2010

#45: Taking the PLUNGE: Skydiving & Marriage

This past Sunday at my co-ed skydiving bachelorette party, I realized that there is a reason why "taking the plunge," whether we're talkin' skydiving or marriage, can cause a lot of unnecessary panic and cold feet.

Sometimes the anticipation of that which is risky is scarier and more debilitating than engaging in the act itself. This is not to say that the jump or a marriage are a piece of cake - clearly, I'm aware that both can suck you dry of everything you've got, as evident in my post-jump, dizzied, barf face in this photo:

Note: I didn't actually barf but for nearly an hour after the jump I could barely stand. SO worth it!

But when the fear is in your MIND as opposed to in your heart, it's wise to simply take a leap of faith. (NOTE: Please DO return to the kinks in your mind, however. With your fiance. With friends. With a therapist. With a spiritual guru of your choice. Because those kinks probably come from a place of irrational fear and baggage, and trust me, they don't just dissolve over time on their own.)

Watch my skydiving slideshow all the way through to the end to read more of my thoughts on cold feet both in the sky and at the altar. The video below cuts off the text - ARGH! - so you might want to click on this link instead. (Live video of jump coming soon!)


  1. Yay! You kick ASS!

  2. OMG so awesome!!!! I've still been reading, just in a more quiet mood right now. And I know I owe you an email. Can't wait to see you on your big day :)

  3. @ Jolynn - Actually, skydiving kicked MY ass! I got so sick and afterwards I slept for hours and hours. But I'd totally do it again.

    @ Angie - Brave? Sorta. (My eyes were closed half the time. Shhh...)

    @ Steph - Don't worry, my blog still feels your love with or without comments. :) And yes, see you in 2.5 weeks!


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