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Thursday, August 12, 2010

#62: 10 Things To Expect During The Week of Your Wedding

Wedding day hairspray (Don't mind the outfit - it's a silk robe that I tied around myself like a bath towel. Had to keep the armpits ventilated, ya know?)

Please feel free to take this list with a grain of salt. As you may recall from this post, I'm not known for being scientifically accurate about things. But first hand experience has me convinced that during the week of your wedding the following things will happen:

1. Either you or your partner (perhaps both of you) will have at least one emotional meltdown. If you're witnessing your partner experience this, no logical argument can convince them that things will indeed be okay. Just give 'em a hug, a massage, or possibly a sexual favor if you're feeling spicy. Trust me, this works better than logic.  

2. You'll realize that some of the things on your to-do list just won't happen. But you will care a lot less about it than you did just a week earlier.

3. A very small number of your guests will suddenly change their RSVP to "no". But don't worry - your partner won't be one of them.

4. You will be the same old you. Meaning that if you tended to cram the night before an exam back in college, then you will be pulling at least one all-nighter during the wedding week. Old work habits die hard.

5. You will forget to eat and will need to be convinced to go to sleep. Must...finish...this...(fill in DIY project here)

6. People will want to help you. You'll be amazed. And grateful. And relieved.

7. Many things will go wrong. But (most) things will magically come together on the wedding day.

8. Going to the salon to get your highlights done, wax your upper lip, and clean up your brows (instead of doing these things yourself, like you've done in the past) will help keep you sane.

9. As you stay up late finishing a project, you will wish you had more time, yet you'll simultaneously wish you could fast forward through time.

10. You will realize that researching and planning for the wedding was the easy part. The execution of the plans feels like...well, an execution, actually.

And you know what? It will all be worth it. Believe me.

A few of my friends and Brave Bride readers will be getting married either this weekend or just a few weeks from now. Who knows - maybe you're all a lot more Zen than you let on, and the list above just doesn't apply. Or maybe you'll be chill-axing on your wedding week because you're so type-A that your to-do list was completed last month.

But. If you're more like me...brace yourself. ;)


  1. #10 makes my knees shake! haha!

    i know something, at least one thing, will go wrong. but as long as there isn't a ridiculous natural disaster or josh doesn't decide to book it before the ceremony, i think i'll be okay. uh, right? haha!

  2. LMAO! I could relate to everything on this list. Soooo freakin true. Not sure if you remember this, but the day before our wedding, we got a call from your Brian saying that you guys had just got to Philly and were at the tux place but they couldn't find Brian's tux (they eventually did of course). I litterally popped an ativan while Ben, Vash and Holly calmed me down on the way to the rehearsal. But it all worked out lol.

  3. No. 9 is exactly how I feel now and we are 3 weeks out! I hope I reach No. 2 soon... :P

  4. @ Angie - I can't wait to hear about all of the mini disasters and major blissed out moments of perfection. See you in the blogosphere in a few when you get back, lady. Enjoy!

    @ Steph - Yes, I remember! You poor thing! Brian just has bad luck with finding wedding clothes in general. (He got his outfit like, the day before our wedding!) It's funny how wedding disasters make you cry while you're in the moment, but make you laugh as time goes on.

    @ Cass - You must be so excited! (And possibly freaked out?) Can't wait to hear all about how everything turns out. Wishing you #2 on my list...


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