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Monday, August 9, 2010

#59: The Diarrhea Dilemma: Reflections on Wifedom

               Photo taken a few blocks from our totally fab San Francisco honeymoon resort

I'm borrowing from a John Mayer lyric when I say that our wedding and honeymoon were a "beautiful disasterpiece".

Since my head is still spinning from the marvelous mayhem of the past 2 weeks, I'd like to keep my message simple here on my first day back on the blog since our wedding:

I HEART being married.

I really do. And when the whirlwind wedding day died down and Brian and I found refuge and rest in each other at our hotel later that night, I realized this even more. It kind of makes my cold feet seem like a laughable little speck in the rear view mirror.

But the culminating moment of our wedding adventure happened during the honeymoon by way of a little incident I'll call the diarrhea dilemma:

At the start of our highly anticipated driving tour through the famed Redwood Forest in Northern California, I had a strong and sudden diarrhea feeling in my tummy as I drove our little rental car. Driving, screaming, cursing, and pinching my butt cheeks together, I pulled over at a little market made of logs on the side of the road, begging Brian to inquire about a bathroom.

Dutifully, Brian entered the market which had a "Sorry, there are no public restrooms here" sign on the door. He probably said something like, "Excuse me ma'am, I know you have a policy about your bathroom but my wife is in the car and she has an emergency."

And one minute later I found myself in a log cabin releasing some logs of my own. (Eww! But true.) All because my HUSBAND made a case for his WIFE.

And that's what $10,000, a year of wedding planning, a marriage license, and a timeshare in San Francisco have to offer. 

At the core of wedding madness is the promise that two people will experience the thrill of being family to one another in a lifetime of imperfection, curve balls, and sudden onsets of diarrhea.

Brian and I are each others shade and shelter. We are each others pain in the butt. We are freed and bound by our love. We are husband and wife.

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