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Thursday, September 23, 2010

#92: Commercial for DIY/ Budget/ Casual Weddings

Okay, fine...this is actually a Subaru commercial. But its charm and heartwarming tagline make a great argument for having a DIY/ budget/ casual wedding.

Also, this commercial is pretty much Brian and me in a nutshell. On so many levels. Really. I *almost* love it enough to go out and buy, like, 3 Subarus.


  1. funny you bring this up. we watched this the other night and then stared at each other like.... WTF?

    i guess the auto industry is trying to benefit from the DIY/budget/indie wedding deal

  2. Ha. Yeah, it's kind of a weird concept for a car commercial. Seemed more appropriate for Kay or Zales or something. But hey, maybe all the urban hipsters, vintage lovers, go-greeners, artsy 20-somethings, and liberal blogging brides out there are going out and buying Subaru Outbacks as we speak! ;)

  3. I love my Subaru Forester!!! I just bought it in July (traded from a Nissan Sentra), and it served me well carting all sorts of wedding crap all over NYS and beyond. :)


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