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Friday, October 8, 2010

#104: Cake vs. Wedding Cake

I received this hilarious YouTube video about outrageously priced wedding cakes in my inbox the other day, compliments of the cool, gorgeous, talented, and almost married Nightingale. (Yes, that's her real name!) Check it out:

Lesson learned: in order to save money, think outside of the box. Buy a cake for your wedding, not a wedding cake. Buy a dress for your wedding, not a wedding dress. Find a venue for your wedding, not a wedding venue.  (And if you do any of the above, tell me all about it so that I can share your bright ideas with everybody else!)

Happy Friday, all! See ya back here on Monday.


  1. That is horribly spot on. Good thing there's all sorts of practical people that don't fall for that drivel. Remind me to not ever say "wedding", huh?

  2. So you know I've already done all of these things, right?

    1. Cupcakes on pretty cake stands. Check.
    2. Rented a house, not a hall. Check.
    3. Bought a blue dress (but still on the lookout for a pretty white suit). Check.
    4. Making our own stationery. Check.
    5. Reserved a hallway for the ceremony. Check.

    Funny thing is -- it's still expensive.

  3. My wedding cake was included in my package. I did however find out when I went for the cake tasting that my cake was a $700 cake. It was pretty and tasty but OMG that's insane.

  4. Can I just add...most wedding cake (not cake for your wedding but capital W Wedding Cake) is atrocious. You pay $X00 or even $X000 for something fancily decorated, and it tastes like styrofoam coated in school glue. (I have had good wedding cake but interestingly, the only memorable and good wedding cakes I have had have been at weddings held in England).

    I realize the high cost of wedding cakes is often because a lot more work goes into them - work that you can pay for if it is really important to you - but the farce is that every couple needs such fanciness. There is plenty of reason why some cakes (ie the recent peacock cakes on Cake Wrecks) cost so much, but every couple owes it to themselves to ask "do we really need that?"

    ...and to remember that if they decide they DO need it (hey, OK, whatevs) that they are paying for art, not taste, and it probably will not be very tasty at all.

    Some tips - look at non-cake alternatives. We got a tiramisu and it was a huge hit. Croquenbouches are slightly cliched but very tasty. There are pies, tarts, puffs, cupcakes, cookies, many alternatives to cake out there to fit every taste and budget.

  5. @ Jolynn - Yup, it's best to not mention the "W" word.

    @ Sarah - Yup, even a non-weddingy wedding can be expensive. We went with almost all non-wedding stuff and the whole sha-bang was $10k, which in our culture is considered a "budget wedding". Still, that's THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for ONE party. I repeat: THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Which doesn't sound very budget-y to me.

    @ Poet - Yikes. Question: Did it taste like a $700 cake?

    @ Jenna - Yup, expensive cakes that make their way onto reality tv are masterfully designed and executed, so I could see how a few hundred bucks would cover the hours and the man power that the cake required. So yeah, if impressive looking cakes are your thing, go ahead and spend the money. But if impressive TASTING dessert is your thing, I'd go with the pies and puffs.

  6. ...or a tasty but not super-pro masterpiece cake...honestly I think chocolate supermarket cake tastes better than most professional wedding cakes. If we hadn't done tiramisu I probably would have gone that route, or done a dessert table with some hand baked and some store-bought treats.

    But for those who want beauty and are willing to sacrifice taste, yeah, I am not going to judge anyone for spending their money where they want to. (Same for flowers - I couldn't fathom spending pro prices on florals so I didn't, but those who do...hey, OK).

    I do remember the simple, cream-colored buttercream iced deliciousness of that wedding cake I had in England: the couple chose three layers, square, unadorned, chocolate orange cake soaked in Cointreau. It was stupendous and far more memorable than the fanciful designer cakes with no taste!


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