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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#1: "Brave Bride" defined

                                   Photo by Travis Hoehne via Polka Dot Bride

Hello, wedding blog world. Got room for one more?

I'm no expert. At anything, really. All I know is that as I plan my July 2010 wedding I want to focus on the big picture. I want my wedding planning process to be about growing in wisdom, not just about saving, spending, and color coordination.

So this blog is about BALLS. It's about how to be a brave bride.

What is a brave bride? She is someone who:
  • wants a ceremony and reception that celebrates love, not just luxury (Although there ain't nothing wrong with fancy parties. Viva la shrimp cocktail!)
  • refuses to act against her and her partner's personal values in order to meet the expectations of others (I'm talkin' style, budget, spiritual beliefs, etc.)
  • is willing to stand up for her uniqueness, yet dares not break from kindness or integrity when doing so
  • is open to learning the art of compromise
  • is interested in strengthening her relationship with her partner, her loved ones, and herself throughout the wedding planning process
  • wants to fight fair with her future life partner (oh yes, there will be fighting), as they work together on what is probably their largest project to date
  • has the occasional meltdown but survives it, apologizes to the innocent bystander(s), and then gets focused on the big picture again 
  • knows that outer beauty (yes, even on her wedding day) pales in comparison to the importance of inner beauty
But like I said earlier, I'm no expert at this grown-up stuff. I can only hope that other brides-to-be out there share a similar vision for themselves, and that together we can learn from each other and form a supportive community in this little corner of the blogosphere. After all, birds of a kick-ass feather flock together! :-)

All of this being said, will I be posting pretty pictures of wedding-related eye candy sure to make you drool right onto your computer keyboard? Heck yeah! Because looking at pretty things feeds the soul, too, you know.

As I plan my own wedding I hope that this blog keeps my eye on the prize, which is always and unfailingly LOVE. 

So here's to beauty, to budget, and to balls. Cheers!


  1. I feel SO lucky to have found your blog. Really. I love the celebrating love not luxury schpealio. I can't wait to read more of what you have to say. Thanks for introducing yourself!

  2. Awww, THANK YOU Lizzie! Glad you like it! Your kind words mean so much to me. Other wedding blogs have acted as my cheerleader, therapist, and wedding planner over the past few months, so my hope is that I can pay it forward with Brave Bride.

    See ya around! (My blog AND yours.)


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