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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#12: The Big Picture (Warning: Kleenex recommended)

 "QT" = quality time. It usually involves liquor (for fiance, Brian), chocolate (for me), popcorn (for both of us), and the magical goodness of TiVo. Here's what happened during last night's QT session:

Me: I counsel all of these people whose husbands or wives have died. And they never say that they miss that great vacation to Hawaii with their spouse or anything-- they say they miss weeknights when they would hang out and watch TV together. And they say it's not the same watching TV alone. So I was just thinking that one day we won't have moments like this. You'll be alive and alone, or I'll be alive and alone. [Tears roll down my cheeks.] And you know what? This morning when you were angry about your job and I was depressed about everything...none of that even matters.

Him: I know. [Wipes my tears with his hand.]

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