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Monday, June 21, 2010

#27: NEW feature on Brave Bride!

Exciting news, people! This week I will be launching a new feature on the blog that's so wonderful it's got me doing naked cartwheels.

Moving forward I will occasionally be shining a spotlight on women who I believe to be brave brides. Lovely readers, this means you'll get to...
  • eye other people's fabulous wedding photos (Feel free to drool, fantasize, and have your pants charmed off.)
  • learn from their wedding planning experience (Advice and wisdom will be shared - hooray!)
  • steal their cool ideas (in an imitation-is-the-best-form-of-flattery kinda way)
  • feel encouraged and inspired to make your own brave choices (because that's what this blog is all about)
I want to emphasize that this new element of the blog opens up the opportunity for YOU to be interviewed and featured on the site. So after you've returned home from the honeymoon, settled into your life with the hubby (or wifey), and have gone through all of your wedding photos at least 2 times (with subsequent laughing, sighing, and happy tears), shoot me an e-mail and let me know if you're open to inspiring other brides by being featured on my blog. :)


  1. you know I'm in!!!!

  2. Steph, e-mail me at the above address and I'll forward you my submission guidelines. ;)


Babbling about weddings is so much more fun when people babble back. :)

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