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Friday, June 18, 2010

#26: Me...on a wedding-related reality TV show??

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I was super excited when I got word that TLC is looking to cast NYC brides who are getting married this July (Hello!!) for their show 4 Weddings. If you're not familiar with this series, the premise is that 4 brides attend each others weddings, rate each one based on the dress, the venue, the food, and the overall experience, and the bride with the highest amount of points wins a free honeymoon.

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The show feeds off of the barf-worthy competitiveness and cattiness between the brides, as well as the judgment placed upon people's aesthetic and logistical choices for their wedding. This sense of inadequacy and comparison surrounding weddings is precisely what Brave Bride seeks to undo. So WHY would I want to participate, you ask? Well, I've watched the show in the past and have felt validated when the low-budget, casual, offbeat weddings do well because of the loving and fun-filled atmosphere that they create.

Here's a more extensive pros vs. cons list regarding my particpation on the show:

  • the possibility of winning a free vacation
  • having our wedding video taped in a unique way
  • experiencing something new, fun, unique, and memorable
  • the opportunity to promote low-cost, non-traditional, simple weddings 

  • there will be a camera crew at the wedding (fiance feels this would be invasive and annoying)
  • we already have a honeymoon set up and might not even being able to go on the one they offer
  • an appearance on TV could have a harmful affect on my professional life 

But what made me decide NOT to do the show was a few pre-production behind-the-scenes video clips of the brides interacting:

(Watch the video called "A Meeting Of The Brides")

While I love watching this particular reality TV show, I realized I would not have fun being on it.

Your thoughts??

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