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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#4: My top 5 favorite dresses!

The following are wedding dresses that I LOVE!!! Do you hear me, world? I LOVE them! All for different reasons, and all at different phases in my dress hunt.

Here we go!

You can't go wrong with a classic and romantic lace gown. The dark sash and long pearls give it a modern and stylish touch. (By Jim Hjelm):

If you are able to take your eyes off the model's boobs, check out this delicate, flowy, beauty of a dress. (By Jim Hjelm):

Unique, casual, interesting, and artsy. I ADORE this! (By Jim Hjelm) :

Oh. My. Gosh. Check out this sweet vintage-ish work of art. I'm drooooooling! (By Melissa Sweet):

Feminine and sexy with the mark of Spanish romance (see back of dress) for an unexpected, unique wow-factor! Oh, and people...this is the inspiration dress for the custom wedding gown that I'm having made! (By Manuel Mota for Pronovias):

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