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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#7: "Tablescape" is an actual word. Who knew?!

Trust me, I'm NO Martha Stewart. And wedding centerpieces - meh. Never really paid them any mind. Umm...until now. Looks like I've been bitten by the wedding planning bug. (I can hear my family now: Who are you and what have you done with Kim??)

Since we are having a rustic, casual, and charming little shindig on a farm (with the possibility of picnic-themed touches), I'm drawn to the centerpieces and tablescapes shown below.

First up is rustic elegance if I ever saw it. It's so unique and it's got lots of character, no? Learn how to make this yourself over at OnceWed.

Since we'll be surrounded by vibrant colors at our farm reception, all we need in terms of decor is a little khaki and cream. So I hope to use burlap or light sandy linens on the tables. Simple and sweet, courtesy of Snippet & Ink:

This and more burlap goodness can be found at Ruffled Blog:

Oh, and this one is just precious-- I mean, look at those little birds for cryin' out loud! Utter perfection against the minimalist backdrop of white, green, and glass:

Check out these cute pop-up placemats from Publique Living:

Ahh...the picnic wedding reception- how delightful and unexpected! I love how this scene looks so inviting (fluffy pillows!), romantic (flower centerpieces...yup, on blankets!), and fun (stocked picnic baskets!). Feast your eyes on this:

                                Photo taken at a reception by event planner Stanlee Gatti

Fill those picnic baskets with wooden utensils on which you can engrave your wedding info. Genius idea courtesy of Paper+Cup Design Studio:

View more charming images from a picnic wedding here.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen...THIS might be favorite. It's got a little of everything I want. (Plus hay bales, people! Oh yes. Hay bales.) Check it, yo:

                                             Image: W. Scott Chester Photography

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