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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#6: Letting go of option #2

(Note: This post is about a dress. But it's also about that special ex-boyfriend/ ex-girlfriend from your past. What?? Huh???)

Okay, I try to be a laid back person who sees the big picture and appreciates the simple things in life...

But then the wedding dress hunt began-- and I became one completely INSANE woman. I've been making myself, my fiance, and my dress maker crazy with my indecision and last-minute changes regarding the design of my custom dress.

And last night, it happened again- I started to second guess myself. Upon reviewing my top 5 favorite wedding dresses from yesterday's post, I realized that there are 2 kinds of wedding dresses that I like. And since I went with option #1 for the design of my custom dress, I've been wondering if it was a mistake not to go with option #2.
Fiance Brian was getting super pissed off about all of my dress drama. He asked me why it is so hard to commit to one dress.

And then it hit me. Letting go of option #2 is like letting go of the man in your life who you might have married had you not met the man who would eventually become your #1 choice.

It's not easy letting go of that other option (be it a dress or a man) because it/he had some amazing qualities. Not choosing #2 feels as if you're minimizing how much it meant to you. But most of all, it still feels like a huge loss no matter what you've gained by choosing option #1. (Wait, are we talkin' the dress or the man here? I'll leave that up to your interpretation.)

I'm only human. So I'm going to wonder about option #2 from time to time, and that's okay. But what scares me is when all of this wondering makes me question how happy I am with the one I've chosen.

And this, my friends, is where commitment comes in. Eventually I've got to do it-- even when I'm totally scared and guilty about that fear. I must "Say Yes to the Dress" knowing full well that there are other wonderful eligible bachelors, err...DRESSES out there. Because once you've found a good one you've got to hold on tight or you'll end up with nothing.

So this is me committing. To the dress, to the man.


  1. I don't think this is flippant at all. Really great discussion of commitment, which (let's face it) is really hard. Maybe the hardest thing about marriage.

  2. Beautiful & true. There's so little discussion about how engaged people don't just flip a monogamy switch that says, "You're the only one I've ever loved & the only one I will ever be attracted to."
    It's nice to know someone else is honestly facing those thoughts and committing anyway.

  3. Yes, I wish there were more discussion out there about this issue. It takes work to remain committed and faithful - and still being able to laugh at your man's jokes and find him attractive after so many years ain't as easy as it sounds. Feelings can only take you so far.

    Thanks for stopping through!


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