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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#10: A reason to press the record button

I was never interested in hiring a videographer for our wedding. Guess I'm just a photograph kind of girl.

BUT. Then I found Sam + Kelli's vintage garden wedding, a couple featured on I was BLOWN AWAY.

Yes, the stylistic choices of their wedding are to die for (can someone say casual, hip, yet timeless???). But my *FAVORITE* part of their wedding is the big surprise that they whipped out at the end of the reception for their guests. They put up a projector, took a seat among their loved ones, and watched this footage of events that occurred earlier that morning:

(Guys, this totally made me weep. And I don't even know these people!)

Kelli + Sam - Same Day Edit/Wedding Trailer from Matthew Forrey on Vimeo.

More than the charming little details of the dress, invitations, and centerpieces, I want to remember the emotions on our wedding day. This is what wedding videos have to offer. And while I can't afford this particular videographer, I'm going to find a way to document our wedding in an equally moving way...

Because when my life has changed, when my marriage has evolved, and when some of my loved ones are gone, I want to be able to see who we all were back on July 31st, 2010. I want to hear the voices, see the smiles, listen to the words, and remember the feelings. (Oh, and I want to giggle at the silly dance moves, of course.)

*The video you just watched is something called Same Day Premier. People, I cannot stress how TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME this service is. Basically, Aqua Vivus Productions turns your wedding footage into a charming and magical work of art that stylistically screams indie film, music video, and inspiring documentary all in one.  The BEST part is that after they record your ceremony, they work their magic to edit it like crazy throughout the day so that the it can be screened at the end of your reception for you and your guests to enjoy! (Hence the name Same Day Premier.) What a powerful way to end the day, no? 


  1. If we can get a friend/relative to record the ceremony, we will...but we're about 60 days out from the wedding, at the limit of our budget, and videography is not happening. (We're also only paying for 4 hours of photography).

    Not because we don't want to: because we can't afford it.

    'Sokay though.

  2. Yeah, I'd rather have 4 hrs of photos than of video. Would love to be able to afford both, but the closest we're coming to it is to just have friends take turns passing around the camcorder throughout the day.

    What I'll do later is go into iMovie on my Mac and cut and paste some video, set it to music, and BAM - I'll be set. Nothing fancy but it's something.


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