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Friday, July 9, 2010

#41: Ghetto Gorgeous table decor

I, the sworn enemy of tablecloths, have since mended my relationship with table decor. How? People, I have found the perfect blend of beauty and budget. No guilt about renting tablecloths for $150, and no shame in getting all of my supplies from Party City, a dollar store, and my local grocery.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the dry run of my reception tables:

This simple, casual, yet freakin' adorable set up is perfect for a backyard, barn, park, or any other kind of rustic reception venue. I plan to put burlap table runners under the rows of flowers so that I can add some texture and depth to this look. The brown and gritty burlap will also make the color of the flowers really pop.

Here is what you'll need (and what you'll spend) to create this look:

plastic shot glasses from Party City - $3.49 for a pack of 20 
paper tablecloths from Party City - $3.99 each
small river rocks from a dollar store - $1, of course
grocery store bouquet of daisies/ pompoms - $3.99 (It will probably have about 15 usable flower heads)
water - free!
burlap table runners- I got 50 large burlap potato sacks from a farmer on Craigslist for $25 (Woot-woot!)

And there you have it, kids. Ghetto gorgeous! And it all happened because I was walking past my fiance's shot glasses and thought that they'd make great vases. They also only fit one flower, which is perfect because on my $200 decoration budget I can only really afford one flower per centerpiece.  I also think this idea is the perfect example of less is more; a single flower standing on it's own is really quite a lovely thing.

Now, it's not quite as amazing as the tablescapes I had been drooling over during these months of wedding planning, BUT I think it comes pretty darn close given the amount of money I'm saving. Plus, this idea was my own little creation. It's my baby. Therefore, it automatically kicks ass. ;)


  1. These are beautiful, and I hate tablecloths and centerpieces most of the time (having helped DIY three older sisters' weddings). I think the burlap will tie it all together! And the simplicity of those big, beautiful flowers...

  2. I think they look brill. Yes, I'm so 80s.


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