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Thursday, July 1, 2010

#35: Why marry NOW?

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Yesterday I heard the sad news that the beloved aunt of my brother-in-law had died. The last time I saw her she was vibrant, talkative, cute, and happy. But then she fell ill and slipped away from us. And it got me thinking.

Maybe it's because I just finished my internship as a bereavement counselor, or maybe it's because I have always been drawn to sad things...but I think about whose life, of all of our relatives and friends, will last just long enough so that we can share our happy day with them. Morbid and depressing, I know.

This brings me to why Brian and I are getting married now as opposed to 2 years from now when I hopefully have a steady job and many, many pennies saved up for the big day. It's simple: we want to say our vows when both sets of our parents are alive. And not just alive, but also well enough to dance, to bear hug us, and to stay up late talking and laughing about how crazy the day was. Not everyone gets to share such an experience with their parents, but we're blessed enough to look forward to that.

So yes, our guests will be eating BBQ. Yes, half of our $10k budget is really just an early wedding gift from my parents. No, I wasn't given a diamond engagement ring. No, we won't have a cocktail hour, a limousine, a DJ, or favors.

But you know what we will have? Our parents. Our friends and family. And the opportunity to celebrate with all of them during the year in which Brian and I both turn 30 and commit ourselves to the idea that life is too short to wait, and save, and worry, and plan, and wait some more.

Our 130-person BBQ wedding reception is one of the worst financial decisions any unemployed, newly graduated bride with tons of credit card debt could ever make. But. This wedding will be one of the best memories I will ever make. And when I see photos like the one at the top of this post, I'm totally and undoubtedly cool with that.


  1. muhfecking BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Word!

  2. Damn straight! I mean, really...who DOESN'T like BBQ?? Although I have to be realistic - when you throw "wedding" in there suddenly people think that burgers and corn on the cob are less tasty. Meh.

  3. I *love* wedding BBQ! I also think your site is fabulous, and this post spoke to me quite a bit. I share the same priorities: family, friends = important. Fancy dinners = not.

  4. BBQ is brilliant. Don't forget that. It is communal eating - it's awesome!

    I think your decision to have your wedding now is such a great one. Own it girl! x

  5. Thanks, Moz & Jolynn! If I could have any 2 wedding crashers at our party it would be you BBQ-loving ladies. (Well, either you guys or Oprah and Michelle Obama.)

  6. Well, BBQ is brilliant sounds vaguely like something that Oprah would say.

    I'd probably take them too :)

  7. You rock, Kim! As one of your invited guests, I'm quite looking forward to chowing down on that BBQ. Oh, and celebrating your day of course ;-)

    I have to say, the whole theme and concept make this is most memorable wedding that I have ever been to, and I haven't even been to it yet!

  8. Laurel, what a pleasant surprise! Welcome to the blog. :) I'm really looking forward to partying with you, Peter, and Caille. See ya on the dance floor.


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