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Friday, July 2, 2010

#36: Up my sleeve

Greetings, lovely people of the world! Today I thought I'd share some exciting news about the future of Brave Bride. Here's what I've got up my sleeve in the weeks to come:
  • interviews with brave GROOMS about their wedding planning experience (Cool, huh? SO excited about this.)
  • more interviews with a broad range of brides - second time brides, plus size, traditional, offbeat, and women who eloped or had destination weddings 
  • kick-ass beauty-related finds 
  • reflections on bachelorette parties (plus a review of my co-ed skydiving bachelorette party!)
  • more posts on the tough stuff: establishing boundaries with loved ones when wedding planning, updates on my anti-bridal diet (or "non-diet"), having cold feet, tackling inter-faith wedding planning, recruiting the help of friends and family, budget talk, responding to loved ones who you can't freakin' believe RSVP'd "no" to your wedding, how to engage in wedding-related small talk with engaged friends who SERIOUSLY need a little Brave Bride, A Practical Wedding, or Offbeat Bride in their life!
  • brave weddings (celebrity edition)
  • engagement photo shoots
  • ideas for fun, unique, and practical bridal party gifts (made by local artisans on Etsy, of course)
  • spotlight on vendors I love
  • photos and reflections on MY wedding, which is taking place at the end of this month (Gasp!)
So go off and enjoy your 4th of July weekend! Savor those burgers, hot dogs, and slices of warm apple pie (because you shouldn't deprive yourself of the highlights of summer just because you've got a white dress to fit into). Then meet me right back here on Monday, k?

Have a joyful and safe weekend!


    1. I'm looking forward to seeing these posts!

    2. Sounds awesome!! I'm almost done my Brave Bride interview write up. It was more challenging than I thought (in a good way!) but also lots of fun. I hope I'm not too wordy for you. Have a great holiday weekend :)

    3. Steph, I'm SO excited to read your stuff! :)

    4. Sounds like you've got some great stuff cooking! Can't wait to check it all out!


    Babbling about weddings is so much more fun when people babble back. :)

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