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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#65: Operation $10,000 Wedding: THE RESULTS ARE IN!

Remember our $10,000 target? Well...I bet you're dying to know whether or not we stayed within the budget after all the deposits, balances, and tips were paid. Yeah, so am I. (I was actually not aware of the final tally until I wrote this post.)

The results? WE DID IT!!

(Cue: confetti, marching band, cheerleaders doing back flips, etc...)

But what does this financial victory mean to us as a married couple? So many things.

First, let's be means that together Brian and I kick ass*. It means that our teamwork during the wedding planning process paid off (which is a good thing since we'll be teammates for life). And it means that the little system we've got going on works for us right now. (I tend to look at the big financial picture, calm Brian down when he gets anxious about money, and keep him from buying more flat screen TV's; Brian is the breadwinner who always gets the most bang for his buck, and who kisses my swollen eyes when I'm crying in frustration about ridiculously priced tablecloths.)

Second, it affirms the grown-up decisions we've made lately, such examining our lifestyle as urbanites in our cool-as-hell Brooklyn apartment, and realizing that living within our means in a mindful and honest way meant moving into my parents' basement.

And lastly, it gives us hope that we can successfully spend money wisely and kindly in the future. We will:
  • move items from the "need" list to the "want" list
  • make purchases that reflect our values and tastes 
  • fight it out, agree to disagree, hug, come up with a plan B, etc...
  • spend our earnings in ways that build us up without tearing others down
  • occasionally cough up some change for things that make our hearts soar and our minds expand
Now, for those of you who are all, like "I don't give two turds about your emotional and spiritual me the money!"...

Well, here ya go:

Location, Location, Location
venue: $2,050

Bon appetite!
catering: 2719
soda & water: 110
alcohol: 357
ice cream & coffee: 50
cupcakes: Free!

= $3,236

I'm too sexy for this shirt, so sexy it hurts...
veil, jewelry, hair accessory: 72
bride's shoes: 60
undergarments: 80
groom's outfit (shirt, pants, tie, shoes): 230
rings: 900
hair & make up, grooming (trials, day of on-site service, tips, purchased items, highlights, waxing): 800...holy crap!

= $2,142

I like to move it move it...
iTunes downloads for entire playlist: 80
sound system: 60

= $140

Say cheese!
photography: 400
videography: Free!
camera/ camcorder: 450

= $850

It's all about the details
burlap table runners: 25
hay bales: 120
flowers: 45
table cloths: 80
vases: 14

= $284

invitations: 75
hotel room (2 nights): 265
marriage license: 40
ring boy pillow, flower girl basket, gift box/ card holder: 50
bridal party gifts: 150
day of tips: 490
plates, utensils, cups, serving bowls: 65
church donation: 150

= $1,095

"Gifts" from parents that are not included in final tally include...

tent rental (Thanks, Dad!): 460
wedding dress (Thanks, Mom!): 1300
Officiants' fee (Thanks, new Mom & Dad): Free!

TOTAL: $9,998**

Today's lesson: It's possible.

*If you didn't stay within your wedding budget it doesn't mean you DON'T kick ass. What I meant to say is that Brian and I did a kick ass job of working together on this project. (And this would be true even if we went over by a bit.)
**My parents' wedding gift to us was to put $5k toward the wedding. Brian and I decided that we could afford to match this amount, giving us our $10k budget. 

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  1. Impressive!! Great job! We're aiming for the same $10,000 and happy to say both of us are debt free. Keeping track of the wedding budget is extremely helpful in making us aware of how much we spend. There are so many things in the wedding industry that is a "want" rather than a "need". Learning how to be creative is key.

  2. Thanks! Yup, I'm quite proud of our achievement (especially because I don't have a great history with finances), but Brian is more relieved than anything.

    10k and no debt for you guys? Now THAT'S impressive. No school debt even??? Financial freedom must be a wonderful thing...sigh. Hope you'll keep me posted on the wedding planning!


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